Saturday, October 24, 2009

What kind of college makes the happiest students?

College can be one of the happiest times of a person’s life. What makes a happy college student though? Is it the type of college that they go to, or maybe the major that a student chooses? The Princeton review rated the ten happiest schools in the country. There was no common theme to these schools, the list included public schools as well as private, and Ivy League schools as well as party schools.

The Princeton review also has a list of the unhappiest students, in 2001 Georgia Tech was rated the second unhappiest in the country. The first thought that comes to mind is maybe because it is a Technical schools that is majority male population the students are unhappy. However, very similar demographics are represented at the Franklin W. Olin college of Engineering and that school is ranked sixth on the happiest college students list in the country. That shows that it can’t be the major that a student chooses or the type of college.

The common denominator among schools ranked on the happiest list is the campus life. Students attending the top ten colleges have mostly said that with a high priority on academic excellence at their school there is also a lot more to it. Tradition plays a big part in this happiness as well. The average year of establishment for these colleges is 1856 so it is obvious that tradition is something that all of these colleges have. So what it comes down to when looking for the college that has the happiest students has nothing to do with what major one chooses or the type of college they a person attends. What it really comes down to is the college tradition. This is something that every college needs.

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